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Since I became involved in photography, the main objects of my interests were people, their faces and shapes of their bodies. While searching for new inspiration I became interested in forms that weren't human but had human shapes. That's how I came to an idea of making macro photographs of miniature toys made of plastic.
On those photographs people were replaced by artificial objects with artificial personalities - characters produced in huge series by entertainment industry.
Existing simultaneously with the world of Nature, they are intriguing me with their mass produced simplified amorphousness.
Differences between their faces are not caused by different race, sex or age. They are results of irregularities found in production process: different kinds and textures of plastic materials, all sorts of distortions occurring during the process of casting, irregular seams and joints, air bubbles, creases, imprecisely applied colours...
When highly magnified, those industrial mass products of today's civilization, with their half-formed, fish-faced, embryonic shapes, are reminding us of beginnings of life. Hidden from the average eye due to their miniature size, they are revealing themselves to us on giant photographic enlargements, as strange, often frightening doubles.


Within the Project ”A Moment of Happiness 2”, Aleksandar Kujučev had two solo exhibitions during May 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.
The photographs from the series ”Doubles” were exhibited in the Gendai Heights Den Gallery.
Ms. Nobuko Akikawa was the curator for both exhibitions.

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"Doubles" in the Gendai Heights Den Gallery: